About Lobster Pots

Lobster Pot Pty Ltd is Perth’s only wholesale supplier of plastic elvinco style lobster pots.

We supply lobster pots to both commercial and recreational fishers in Western Australia.

Our lobster pots are locally manufactured in Perth from high-density polyethylene repurposed from broken council rubbish bins.

Lobster pots have been successfully used for fishing for both recreational and commercially caught species. These include Western Lobster, Southern Lobster and Snow Crab.

The beauty of our lobster pots is they are extremely strong and durable with the added benefit of no sharp and hard edges that can damage boats. They are easy to lift, stack and kind on boat surfaces!

Our lobster pots are competitively priced, being approximately half the price of traditionally used timber pots and are made from recycled material.

Our top tip for catching a cray with our lobster pot this season is to make them heavier. If the cray pot doesn’t sit on the seafloor it won’t catch a cray! So we suggest using 10kg – 20kg of railway iron or similar to weigh them down.

Please check local fishing legislation for escape gap sizing and other requirements.

Contact us at sales@lobsterpots.com.au to give them a try this cray season!


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